Blog C I Feel

LVSTER SELECT GET MORE LIKE THIS << All Events Ni FOR GETTING UP TO NO-GOOD IN 1890’s PARIS RESEARCHED: 25 HRS SOURCES: 5 I FEEL: Bal Du Rouge Immersive Moulin Rouge-inspired Party theatre THEATER drinks-bar DRINKS dancing DANCING dj DJ’S fashion-dressup FASHION Mesa de trabajo 4 copia 6 AT NIGHT OK, show of hands. Who […]

Blog A – Artechouse

LVSTER SELECT GET MORE LIKE THIS << All Events Ar FOR HALLUCINATING LEGALLY RESEARCHED: 4 HRS SOURCES: 5 Machine Hallucination @Artechouse Project Mapping & Art Experience ar-vr AR/VR arts-museum-gallery ARTS drinks-bar DRINKS learning LEARNING tech TECH The latest VR goggles.  Exclusive AR industry events.  Projection mapping pop-ups.  At LVSTER, we’ve had our realities augmented and, […]

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